Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pretty colour scheme at Sunrise!

Hi there everyone.  What a beautiful day it is here. The sun is shining brightly and we are ready to go to Church for the start of Easter week.  Traditionally, we e process around the church building today with palms to mark the beginning of Easter week.  Some years have been so gloomy, cold and wet but not today!!

Anyway, here is the card we made at Sunrise Crafts this week.  I absolutely love the colour scheme. What do you think?

I love it!   It's designed by Bhanu of Sunrise a Crafts.  She is such an inspiration!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

See you soon.

Carol xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

50 years tied together!!

Wow!  What a long time is 50 years.  Happy Anniversary to Geoff and Helen.

I loved making this card and the photos really don't do it justice.  Helen always appreciates my handmade cards so I more than hope she especially likes this one for her special day.

The inside was made using my trusty Serif Digital Craft Artist.

Thanks for looking.

Have a great weekend if I don't see you before :-)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

For a four year old boy......

For some reason, I struggled to get this card going.  I was thinking of using a character - a really lovely little image from Crafters Companion's Adam range of Adam on a tree swing but my crafty mind was just not working on that day - well for a couple of days in-fact because I just couldn't get it started.  Anyway, I decided that I should just redirect my thoughts and change my plan altogether.  This is what I came up with and I guess it's kind of cute.  The kites and papers are digital files from My Grafico.  The lettering was done in Serif Craft Artist which I use pretty much whenever I craft at home.

.....and a little peek at the inside.  I made up the verse......

I would like to enter this into the following challenges....

One for the Boys - The Crafting Cafe

Thanks for looking.  Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!!

Carol xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Happy birthday to my gorgeous daughter.......

It's been a tough couple of weeks.  My granddaughter stayed here for a few days whilst she was a little poorly and then it was tim to do the new year accounts which is always challenging.  Now though, it's time to craft!!  I have started with a pretty birthday card for my daughter who celebrates her birthday tomorrow.....

Happy birthday JJ.  Hope you have the most wonderful day!!

If anyone from craft class is reading - you are right in thinking that my plan was to do a brown and cream theme but I just couldn't do it!!  I really did try.  I cut out a few elements and got a background ready.  I even sorted out the ribbon but when it came down to it, I just had to do a pretty pink!!  Still, I love it.  The bear is fizzy moon from Serif Digital Craft Artist.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great evening - not much of it left!!

Bye for now xx

Friday, 21 March 2014

Getting back to craft!

Well I'm well and truly on the mend now and went back to craft class at Sunrise Crafts yesterday.  

I really enjoyed making this card and the images are beautiful.  What I loved most though was the frame around the main image and on the insert which is hand-drawn!!  Apparently, this technique was shown by a demonstrator from Indigo Blu the previous weekend.  The card is designed by Bhanu from Sunrise Crafts.  The images and colours go together well don't they?  I love it and I am going to use that framing technique again!!  

It's weird when you've been out of the craft room for some time - I have been going into my craft room and just standing there scratching my head.  All my creativity seem to have done a runner!  Never mind - I know it will all come back soon..... It had better - I have a Mother's Day card to make!.

Anyway, going back to craft class was a great start.

Thanks for looking.  Have a great Friday evening.

Carol xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

It's got me good and proper!

Hi everyone,

Well another week missed at Sunrise Crafts and another week where I haven't been inclined to do any crafting.... 

Here is the lovely card that Bhanu designed at Sunrise Crafts this week.  Thanks June for sending the photo.  It's gorgeous.  I love the trellis die which June tells me is a new Memory Box one.  It's lovely don't you think?  

I desperately want to go in the craft room but when I get in there, I just feel my head go numb and can't get myself together!  I think it is the post-viral problem now which is horrible because I don't have flu anymore and just need to bounce back but that is easier said than done.  To make matters worse, I now have ulcers at the back of my tongue making talking, eating, drinking really painful!  WOE IS ME!!!  This is the week I am going to really get better!  

Well thanks for looking.  I hope to be posting my own picture next week!

Have a wonderful week. Hope you are enjoying this glorious sunshine.


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sneezes and sniffles......

Hey friends!

I've been a bit poorly sick this last week - since last Thursday evening in actual fact so it's been a whole week and time to get better!  I've had flu-type symptoms which laid me up completely for a few days and now my stamina is low!  Still, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am staring to shake off all those blues - ready to get fighting fit again and get back to things I love......speaking of which, I missed the Thursday afternoon craft class today.  June has sent me a photo of the card made today which is lovely.  Thank you June for taking the time and trouble. And here it is.....

Lovely isn't it?  I love the muted, gentle colours and that frame. Very pretty!  Designed by Bhanu at Sunrise Crafts.   Sorry I missed it Bhanu.  Hope to be there next week.

Thanks for looking.  Hope to be back in the craft room in the next couple of days!