Tuesday, 27 November 2012

And now..... Back to craft!

For my grand-daughters birthday, I have bought her a Merida costume (from the Disney film Brave) and so I decided to make a card to match

My pet name for her is Looby Lou and she calls me Dongar - always has done since she first started to talk.

Hope you like it :)

I also made her a paper 'birthday cake' with cutting files from SVGCuts.com. I had great fun making it and you get to use up all your little bits and bobs like buttons, ribbons etc.

Inside the top,box, I am going to put a cupcake - home made if I get the chance and in the lower two tiers maybe small toys, and sweeties. I am taking it to the local florist to get them to gift wrap it for me. It stands around two feet tall. It's a nice keepsake. Hope you agree

See you soon


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My Christmas starts here!

I know it's early still - but I must admit to feeling a bit Christmassy now. Lola, my granddaughter was here for a week. She is 4 years old on 30th November and I had booked a birthday treat to the theatre to see Angela Ballerina which I mentioned in my previous post. It was so lovely and Lola was suitably enthralled. The next day we went to see Santa at West Midlands Safari Park. She absolutely loved it and there was a sleigh ride to the North Pole where the big man himself was waiting to greet us. I'm telling you, he was the real deal - not some skinny student which we came across last year somewhere else. This guy was round and fat with a jolly laugh - real HoHoHo stuff! Anyway, here are some photos and then we will get back to craft!

Such a lovely day!

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

......and the rain still falls!

Well it's been so dull and miserable but we have still been able to have some fun. It is Lola's 4th birthday next Friday and ages ago, I had booked two tickets to take her to see Angelina Ballerina at my local theatre. The day came today and it was a big surprise for her. She was enthralled by the dancing and singing and clapped along. She loved it and I was moved to proud tears!

And then back home to......more rain!

I am so looking forward to doing some craft but by the time she goes to bed I am too tired! Still, it's been a lovely day. Tomorrow we are seeng the big man himself.... SANTA!,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wind and rain, coughs and colds!

It has been a gusty day today with a lot of rain thrown into the mix. My little granddaughter who arrived here to stay for a week bringing a cough with her has quite a nasty cold. She hasn't got the hang of blowing her nose just yet and insists on sniffing her way through the day!

Anyway, when we had a dry hour we managed to wrap,up warm and get out of doors for a good walk with her dolly in the pushchair so I think that blew some cobwebs away. Then we made some gingerbread men which were not quite Masterchef standard but munchable all the same.

All in all its been a lovely day but I do miss my craft. I normally go to craft class on a Thursday afternoon but wasn't able to get there this week. Not because of Lola really but because hubby took the big car to work because of the expected rain leaving me with the sports car which I wouldn't take her out in.

I could craft at night once she is tucked up in bed but my oh my.... I am exhausted!!!

Off to bed pretty soon so night everyone. See you tomorrow!


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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My little granddaughter, Lola is staying with me this week so not much hope of making any cards. However, she loves to be in the craft room with me. She is 3 years old - almost 4 and we have great fun together. Today we made a paper gingerbread man each. Here she is proudly holding her creation (and mine). :)

And here she is busy with her colouring pens......

I have made a paper crafted 3-tier 'birthday cake' for her birthday but I have had to delete the photos of it while she is staying with me because she loves to flip through the photos on my iPad. I can re-install them when she goes home next week and then I will post the pictures. It's lovely!

See you tomorrow :)


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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back in the habit? No promises!

Well, I have got well and truly out of the habit of posting. Not sure why because I think it's great to keep a nice record of daly crafting. So my intention is to try to shake off old bad habits and get back to regular posts - I will try but don't hold your breath!,
To get me going, here is a card I made fairly recently for a long-time friend of mine. I have used a memory box die and also spellbinders. The butterfly is from my crafty stash.

Well that was easy! Perhaps I'll blog again tomorrow!
Happy crafting
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